About Me


My name is Graham. I’ve been building large wireless networks to deliver Internet access to homes and businesses since about 2004.

Most of the posts on this site started years ago as posts on other social media or as direct messages to other people interested in starting a WISP. After writing many of the same things in different places I decided to pull everything together in to one place and clean it up enough to be generally useful.

In the past I’ve worked for Rise Broadband, Vivint Wireless and Bluebird Broadband. I’m currently employed with common.net - if you’re in the Bay Area look us up! We might be able to get you a better Internet connection. I’ve also worked with many independent WISP operators as well as MDUs and municipalities running ISP networks over the years.

Note: This site is not associated with and does not represent the views of my current or any past employer.

Reach out and say hello! email or chat: #startyourownisp:matrix.org.

If you’d like some personalized assistance with a project then book some time with me, I’d be happy to help!