Billing and Customer Management

Running a WISP will be much easier if you use some software to manage the various parts of the business, such as these:

  • Ticketing when customers call in with problems it’s helpful to be able to track the issue in one place. Ticketing systems help with this.
  • Billing Dealing with billing can be a huge chore. A software suite can deal with automated billing, expired credit cards, late payments, etc.
  • Network Management You need to know when your network is having problems, preferably before your customers call you. A network management suite can monitor your network and let you know when problems come up as well as help you understand where your network needs upgrades.

Announcing the Better Broadband Video Series

I will be creating a series of videos walking through the process of planning a new broadband network in a specific city or community. Tell me about your community and why you need better broadband to have it included in the video series.

Here are some software platforms built specifically for WISPs that address each of these and other tasks all in one place:

  • UCRM is a free software platform provided by Ubiquiti. Provides billing features like recurring invoicing and automated shut-off for late payments. It is not limited to Ubiquiti devices. Extensible via API and custom Plugins.
  • Sonar is highly scalable and extensible via an API. Hosting is included in the cost of the service.
  • Swift Fox is a WISP management software suite that includes real-time network monitoring, automated billing, customer bandwidth tracking and provisioning, and call centre management. Also included are WISP-specific tools such as radio path profiles and frequency coordination features.
  • Celerate An open source WISP management platform.
  • Freeside An open source WISP management platform.
  • PowerCODE
  • Azotel
  • cnMaestro Software platform provided by Cambium Networks

You can solve some of these tasks individually with systems such as these: