Backhaul Picker

The table below lists some commonly used wireless point-to-point backhauls.

This is not an exhaustive list, just enough to get started. If your favorite backhaul isn’t listed here please let me know and I’ll get it added.

Note that the values listed below for distance and throughput are best-case scenario numbers. It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve the highest throughput rates at the max possible distance.

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Make Model Max Range Frequency Cost (Full Link) Capacity URL Datasheet
IgniteNetMetrolinq 60-35 PTP0.93mi / 1.5km60 Ghz$1,200.001,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet
IgniteNetMetrolinq 60-19 PTP0.56mi / 0.9km60 Ghz$1,100.001,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF5 / AF5U62.14mi / 100km5 Ghz$2,000.001,200 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF248.08mi / 13km24 Ghz$3,000.001,400 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF24HD 12.43mi / 20km24 Ghz$6,000.002,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF-5X124.27mi / 200km5 Ghz$800.00500 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF-2X 124.27mi / 200km2 Ghz$1,000.00500 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF-3X 124.27mi / 200km3 Ghz$1,600.00500 MbpsLinkDatasheet
UbiquitiAF-4X 124.27mi / 200km4 Ghz$800.00500 MbpsLinkDatasheet
MimosaB241.86mi / 3km24 Ghz$1,800.001,400 MbpsLinkDatasheet
SikluEtherHaul4.29mi / 6.9km70 GhzVariesUp to 10,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet
MikroTikWireless Wire0.12mi / 0.2km60 Ghz$200.001,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet
SAFCFIP LuminaVaries6 to 38 GhzVaries366 MbpsLinkDatasheet
BridgeWaveBW64Varies60 Ghz$9,900.001,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet
BridgeWaveBW64EVaries60 Ghz$9,400.001,000 MbpsLinkDatasheet