Hardware Platforms

Access Point / CPE Manufacturers

Here are some of the companies that make access point and CPE equipment. (Reminder: the Access Point goes at your relay site and multiple CPE devices can connect to it - one CPE device will go on each customer’s rooftop.)

In some cases it’s possible to mix and match hardware manufacturers for Access Points and CPEs but you’ll get the best performance if you use the same for both.


If you’re unsure about what to choose, Ubiquiti is a great place to start. Ubiquiti hardware is not the best on all metrics but it is definitely the cheapest and is very user-friendly. As of this writing the latest Ubiquiti equipment is the AirMax AC platform and includes Access Points, CPE equipment and Backhauls.

Ubiquiti also makes most other equipment you will need to run a WISP like higher capacity backhauls, switches (outdoor and indoor) and routers.


MikroTik makes unlicensed wireless equipment as well as many other hardware products needed to run a WISP such as routers and switches.

Bai Cells

Bai Cells makes LTE equipment for use in fixed wireless networks. This is different from most other companies that use Wi-Fi chipsets with some software modifications. LTE has some distinct advantages over Wi-Fi descended systems.


Mimosa is a newer company gaining traction with low-cost products that compete with Ubiquiti.


Another competitor to Ubiquiti and Mimosa.

Backhaul Manufacturers

Each of these companies makes a variety of Point to Point backhauls with different features and price points.





Other Equipment


Small, inexpensive outdoor enclosures.

DDB Unlimited

Large rack-mount style outdoor enclosures. AC and heating options.


Shireen makes a great, inexpensive, outdoor rated, shielded CAT5e cable.

Enclosures and various other items for carriers.


Here are some of the U.S. based distributors that sell hardware from these manufacturers as well as the other items you’ll need to run a WISP. I’m not ranking these in any way - check with each of them to see who has a warehouse close to you and who can get the best prices on the items you need in the volume you’re looking for.

You can also order nearly anything you need to get started from Amazon but the pricing won’t be as good as you can get in bulk from the above suppliers.