Products and Services

Even if everything goes well it’s a lot of work to start and grow an ISP. We’d like to help! We offer an exclusive range of services to help you start an ISP, add customers, maintain your network, and make sure you stay profitable.

  • Q&A Session Just have a few questions? 60 minute Q&A session.
  • Premium Website Membership Discounted admission to monthly training sessions, priority access to other products.
  • Online Training Sessions Monthly video conference training sessions that dive deep in to the various parts of starting and running a WISP.
  • Installer Training Course Hands on, in person training for doing business and residential customer installations.
  • Tinker Kit Not sure if a WISP is for you or if it will work in your area? We’ll send you a kit with configured equipment and instructions for how to test it out.
  • Starter Kit Ready to get started? Similar to the tinker kit - we’ll configure all of the equipment that you’ll need to get started and send it to you with instructions and support for installation.
  • ISP Support You support your customers, we’ll support you. We’ll help you get your customers back online when something breaks, plan new network deployments, and everything in between.
  • Targeted Marketing We’ll market your service directly to only the homes and businesses that you can service. You only pay when you get a customer.
  • Public IP Addresses Give your customers a public IP address at a reasonable rate without going through the secondary IP market or dealing with ARIN and BGP routing.
  • Turnkey ISP We’ll do all the work to provide Internet service to an MDU or community. We’ll maintain the network and share profits with the HOA board or a local entrepreneur.
  • Consulting General assistance for wireless networking and ISP projects large and small.

Q&A Session

60 minute phone call or video chat, plus research time and a written follow up report from me. Send me your questions ahead of time so I can be as prepared as possible. Great for:

  • Feasibility questions
  • Hardware specific questions
  • Network topology questions
  • Questions about RF
  • Anything else - if I can’t help you it’s free

$149 / Session - Schedule Now

Premium Website Membership

  • Free view-only passes to all Online Training Sesssions
  • Discounted rates on participant passes to Online Training Sesssions (regularly $199/session, only $149/session with Premium Website Membership)
  • Early access to new products and services
  • Occasional SWAG

To sign up: Pledge at least $15 / month on my Patreon. Everyone who does so will get everything listed above.

Online Training Sessions

Monthly 2-3 hour training sessions covering a variety of topics related to running an ISP. Upcoming training sessions:

  • RF and channel planning
  • Network Configuration (TCP/IP, Routing, Switching, VLANs, DHCP)
  • MDUs / Apartments Complexes / HOAs - sales and installation
  • How to monitor your network for outages and capacity planning
  • The customer install: top to bottom
  • How to weather proof your network
  • Commercial sales and installation
  • Q&A panel of current WISP operators and those who have sold WISPs

Link to purchase will be available as soon as courses have been scheduled. Subscribe below to make sure you’re notified when dates are set for upcoming training sessions:


  • Participant: $199 / Session
  • With ISP Support package: 2 Free Participants / Session
  • Additional participants from the same organization: $75 / Session
  • View-only: $25 / Session (subscribe above to be notified when recordings of training sessions are avaiable for purchase or get FREE access to all recorded sessions with the Premium Website Membership)

Looking for a deal? The ISP Support package includes access to all of these training sessions!

Interested in a customized training session for your organization? Let’s chat.

Targeted Marketing

Give us a list of your towers and we will advertise your service directly to the homes that can get coverage based on line of sight from your tower. Pay a small one time fee per tower and then you only pay when you get a new customer. Not available in all areas.


  • $100 per tower
  • Per Converted Customer:
    • $99 when customer is successfully installed or
    • $10/month for the first 12 months of service (or as long as the customer keeps the service if they cancel within the first year)

If you attempt to install service at one of the homes that we cleared and it does not have line of sight we will give you a $35 credit for future use with this service. Just make sure you take photos and document the reason for the line of sight failure so we can improve the service.

Send me an email to get started.

Public IP Addresses

Provide public, static IP addresses for your customers for a reasonable fee without dealing with ARIN, BGP or the secondary IP address market.

Pricing TBD

Send me an email if you’re interested in this service.

Installer Training Course

Hands-on training for residential and commercial wireless installers. Designed to take a new hire with little or no experience in the industry and train them to be able to do home Wireless Internet installations on their own. Also includes safety training to keep installers safe and in compliance with OSHA regulations while working on ladders and rooftops.

Trainees will be able to practice installing and aiming equipment and using all tools and safety equipment in a hands-on environment.

Can be customized to specific types of equipment and install methods. Can be customized for specific prior experience (for an installer with experience installing Satellite TV, for example.)

Pricing depends on class size and location Send me an email to get started.

Tinker Kit

This is a kit of pre-configured equipment that you can tinker with to sate your curiosity and to determine if a WISP is feasible for you and your location. Start off with a 30 minute consultation to determine what type of equipment you’d like to try out and what questions you’d like to answer. We will configure the equipment and ship it to you with instructions for a variety of tests you can run.

If you do decide to build a network you’ll already have some of the first equipment you’ll need.

Billed at $99 upfront and $200 + the cost of the equipment before the equipment is shipped to you. If after the consultation you decide not to move forward with the equipment there is no obligation to pay the remaining $200.

Includes 1 month of ISP Support

Schedule a consultation to get started

Starter Kit

A kit including all of the equipment you will need to set up your fiber connection and your first wireless relay. Equipment comes pre-configured with installation instructions. Includes 3 months of ISP Support. With the ISP Support package you get phone support while installing and troubleshooting the equipment. The ISP Support package also includes equipment monitoring - we will monitor the equipment for you to make sure it’s working properly and help you fix it if something breaks.

Billed at $199 upfront and $1200 + the cost of the equipment before the equipment is shipped to you. If after the consultation you decide not to move forward with the equipment there is no obligation to pay the remaining $1200.

Includes 3 months of ISP Support

Schedule a consultation to get started.

ISP Support

If you stay up at night worrying that your network will go down and not sure what you’ll do if it does then this package is for you. We’ll partner with you to make sure you have all the support you need to keep your network running smoothly.

  • Direct eye-in-the-sky assistance with network and wireless troubleshooting. When you have a problem give us a call - we can help troubleshoot including logging in to devices and correcting configuration (with your permission).
  • Network Monitoring and Dispatch - we will monitor your network and attempt to troubleshoot problems as they arise. We will dispatch you or one of your technicians as necessary to fix problems and guide them through troubleshooting in the field.
  • 2 free participant passes and unlimited view-only access to all online training sessions
  • Priority response to emails and phone calls
  • Priority access and price breaks on consulting for large projects
  • Exclusive access to reviews and deep dive testing of new hardware projects. We’ll stress test new equipment to make sure it works before you deploy it.

Pricing starts at $199/month and increases based on customer count on your network

  • Customers 1-25: $10/month/customer
  • Customers 26-100: $5/month/customer
  • Customers 101-1000: $2/month/customer
  • Customers 1001-5000: $1/month/customer
  • Customers 5000+: $0.75/month/customer

Prices may vary based on your specific circumstances.

Schedule a consultation to get started

Also check out the Tinker Kit and Starter Kit which both include the ISP Support package.

Turnkey ISP

We’ll build and maintain an ISP for you. Great if you would like to provide better Internet service in your community and make some money without dedicating all of your time and attention to the project.

Pricing and profit varies.

Schedule a Consultation to get started.


I can help you with any wireless or networking project large or small. Some examples of the types of projects I’ve been involved in:

  • Install high capacity wireless connections between corporate buildings as cheaper option (or redundant backup) to fiber.
  • Light up a temporary high capacity Wi-Fi network for an event
  • Wire existing or newly constructed buildings for reliable Internet delivery
  • Wireless networks in MDU/Apartment/Townhome complexes

Schedule a Consultation to discuss your project.